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I am Miss Katie Stricktland, a very strict disciplinarian with a vast amount of experience dealing with naughty adult males. In my members area there are thousands of large, high-quality pictures and hundreds of video clips of me in action. Also high quality full length films are available to download in the members area at no extra charge.


My favorite activities are spanking naughty males while holding them tightly over my knee. I guarantee I am one of the hardest hand spankers in the UK and regularly reduce grown men to tears when spanking their bottoms with my hand or hairbrush. I also love to administer the cane to a well presented bottom. I take great pride in my ability to cane a man's bottom both hard and accurately. I have a vast collection of canes.


I love caning and started caning mens bare bottoms well before it becaome my job. My favourite role to play is Headmistress. When I'm playing headmistress, I am very strict! I love to cane my naughty boys hard and when the naughty boy can take a good hard thrashing, it utterly delights me.

Aunty Katie

I just love being a naughty boys aunt. The satisfaction that I derive from putting a naughty man over my knee for a long hard spanking is fantastic. Nowdays I have a reputation of having a hard hand, but in my earlier days of being a professional disciplinarian, quite a few men were caught off guard at how hard my hands were. They'd jump up clutching thier bottoms for dear life, unable to believe little 5'2 tall me could hurt thier poor bottoms so much with just my hand.