Miss Yorks Visit

You will sit down for a week boy!

Miss Yorks Visit

Miss York summoned Peter to the punishment room. Her list of ever growing infractions was partly dealt with in her usual severe manner. Tears were shed, across her knee while she played Mom and spanked his bare bottom with a hairbrush. Then she bent him over the horse and thrashed the living daylights out of him.

Miss Yorks Comments

I am no where near satisfied with the punishment I administered to Peter last week. His crying was pathetic and he clearly needs to be beaten far more often if only to toughen him up. Further more, I'm not convinced he is anywhere near to learning his lesson, so I'm entering my name into the punishment book yet again in the hope that one day he will learn some respect.


There are no records of punishments previous to this on spanked-ass.com


The next punishment account will be with Charley Atwell.