Where naughty boys and girls get spanked!

The news page of the institute-of-discipline.com group of sites.

We realise that some people may have not read the warning on the index page. So if you are looking for anything relating to corporal punishment on non consenting parties, whether it be on children or adults, you won't find it here. So please leave now!

The information held within spanked-ass.com relates to the institute-of-discipline.com group of websites. These strictladies.com miss-strictland.com yes-maam.com aunties-house.com montrose-academy.com planetbitch.com cassiecanes.com which are all websites coving the subject of female domination over men in some way or another. Institute-of-discipline.com & ThelazyMaid.com are both femsub sites which feature ladies being disciplined. When I say ladies, thats exactly what I mean. We don't and never have hired women that look under 18.

Whats Happening

Miss York is currently on deck and some naughty boys are nursing very sore bottoms as the result of her attention. More about this in the various sites news sections.

Female Domination

Where women rule and men are rarely able to sit down for long.

Naughty Girls

Ladies that get their lovely roound bottoms reddened.