Miss Strictland

Disciplining naughty boys since 1997


I have been into spanking and caning for over twenty years and have been a professional disciplinarian since 2001. I only practice the activities which I enjoy, which are aunt and nephew role plays, or school mistress and naughty pupil role play. I will consider variations of these, if they are within the traditional CP realm, such as, Governess, Step mother, Nun, Nurse (Nurse CP only.)Any emails asking for any service other than spanking/caning/discipline will be deleted.

My Location

I conduct my sessions in Yorkshire at a private discreet studio which is fully equipped for my needs. By equipped, I mean just that. I never have less than 50 canes, as well as countless straps, tawses of varying severity. A vast quantity of slippers, and a lot of hardwood hairbrushes that can bring the most hardened recidivist to tears. As well as a vast amount of implements, I have various domestic and old school furniture, as well as a vaulting horse that presents the bottom at the perfect hight to receive the cane.

Do's and Don'ts

I offer adult school and domestic discipline sessions only. The only practices that I engage in are spanking and corporal punishment related. I do not offer any kind of worship, strap-on, ball busting, water sports or any kind of sexual service. .


Though I have a reputation as a severe disciplinarian, I am sensible with it and respect limits. However, I will not see people who don't want punishing or just want to pretend they are being caned.