Lady Dark Angel

Hot Dom Mom, Teacher, Bitch


Corporal Punishment is what I love best. I get a genuine buzz beating you and subjecting you to a good hard thrashing. I love this so much and revel in my subs enjoyment from recieving punishment from me. I will punish you to encourage you and I will also punish you to forgive you. If you err, you must realise this must be put right. Things have gone awry and need to be restored to their former station or glory. I am The One who will put matters right and give you the punishment you so richly deserve and additionally restore you. It is all part of the process of learning. You are expected to confess all your wrong doings and accept the punishment that I decide to administer in order to put you back on the right path. It will be in your interest to do so since as I demand perfection I also appreciate honesty.

My Location

I am a Professional Dominatrix with a Discreet, fully-equipped dungeon in Sheffield, specialising in all forms of Domination services especially Corporal Punishment. I have benches to secure you to if needed in order to whip or cane your bare bottom, as well as domestic furniture for giving good old fashioned bare bottom spankings.

Punishment as a corrective measure

Believe me, you will want to keep this aspect of punishment to a minimum. Unless of course you happen to be a dedicated devotee of MINE and a true lover of pain. Then I will take you on an exhilarating flight to which you will want no end. Nor will I and I can carry on forever. Sentences depend on the nature and gravity of the offences but once punished you may be assured that there will be no recrimination. Once you have earned your marks, all will be put in the past. Unless of course you repeat the offence. Repeat offences will carry more serious retribution since you will have wasted valuable training which had been in place so you would not repeat your faults. You have been warned.

Hand Tawsing

MY absolute favourite punishment is the tawsing of hands. I just adore the feeling of MY power over you and relish your submission as you look into MY eyes and i see your trepidation when I raise MY tawse. Will it be the twin-tail or the dreaded three-tailed? How many will it be and will I catch you on the edge of your outstretched palms? And you had better not blink or flinch...