Madam Kenworthy

Governess Step Mother & Bitch


I am Madam Kenworthy, a very strict professional disciplinarian. I am very experienced when it comes to punishing men and delight in making them see the error of thier ways by giving them a very sore bottom. My chosen methods of discipline are traditional across the knee spanking. I have very long legs that are perfect for putting a naughty boy over for a good old fashioned spanking. Strapping, I am very adept with a strap and can and often do administer the severest of bare bottom strappings that leave my naughty boys unable to sit down for days. Caning, last but not least. I am a very accomplished caner, both accurate and very severe.

My Location

Sessions are normally held in the East Midlands near Chesterfield in the UK.


I have been caning mens bottoms for around 10 years and I can honestly say I derive great pleasure from caning mans bare bottom. I prefer to cane very hard and leave vivid welts on a mans bottom so he doesn't forget it, but sadly not every man cannot take such severe punishment. So I will respect limits when needed. But be warned, if you come to me and ask to be caned hard. thats exactly what you will get. I will not hold back when caning your bottom!

Step Mom's knee

My knee is perfect for putting naughty boys across and I am often called upon to administer traditional over the knee spankings, which I thoroughly enjoy. When I give such spankings I usually play the role of Step Mother, Aunt or the woman next door.