Lady Darkness

Strict Polish Disciplinarian


I am a strict heavy handed lady from Poland who lives in the UK. I love giving hard corpral punishment and I have been told that I am a very severe caner. As well as caning, I also hold the record for the most continual hard bare bottom spankings for the Institute-of-discipline group of sites. This is where I gave 8000 hard spanks in one four hour period, leaving Peter's bottom swollen for days after. So if you ask me to give you a hard bare bottom spanking, thats exactly what you will get! I am very fit and train regularly with both cardio and free weights (Hence my very hard hands.) So I will never run out of energy when I punishing you.

My Location

I located in the North of England and available for private one to one discipline sessions by prior appointment. Note: A deposit is always required to secure a booking.


Caning a mans bare bottom is my absolute favourite activity. I prefer to really lay the cane on hard, as hard as I can, but I do respect limits when needed. Though I do prefer to cane a mans bottom without a safe word.

Aunties knee

I play Aunty a lot and really enjoy being a naughty boys strict Polish Aunty. Although i am fluant in English, don't be surprised if I shout at you in Polish when you are across my knee and I am spanking your bare bottom hard. As well as hand spanking, I also slipper naughty boys bottoms and would go so far to say that I am an expert at slippering mens bottoms.