The Equestrian Mistress

Strict Mom, Aunty, Teacher, Bitch.


As my name suggests, I am an Equestrain and usually wearing jodhpurs and either riding or otherwise taking care of my horses. My second passion is disciplining errant men. Bare bottom whipping and caning are my speciality, but I also like to play Mom or Aunty and put naughty boys across my knee for good old fashioned spankings. With this goes scolding, lots of scolding. I am very practiced at telling men off and have had years of practice.

My Location

I located in the North of England and available for private one to one discipline sessions by prior appointment. Note: A deposit is always required to secure a booking.


Like most women who have gotten into caning mens bottoms, I love it. I can't see why any woman wouldn't and I think all women should cane men, but since they don't I am happy to offer my services and cane men who need it. I prefer using whippy canes and I cane severely, but I do respect limits.

My Knee

Spanking! I love that word and I really enjoy being Mom or Aunty and giving a good old fashioned smacked bottom. I enjoy everything about the whole scene, from when I'm telling the naughty boy off and he can see me about to put him across my knee. then I love saying 'Bend over my knee you Naughty Boy!'